"Waterjet cutting provides a smooth clean edge..."

Diamond wire glass has embedded wire that supports glass fragments when the glass is broken, holding them together and preventing the incursion of fire or sparks. Waterjet cutting provides a smooth clean edge that is safe for handling without sharp protruding wires and hanging glass shards.

When the wired glass is hand cut and broken, the exposed metal wires are bent and hairline cracks can occur along the glass edges, decreasing strength, with exposed wires that are sharp.

Waterjet Design can cut diamond wire, wire mesh, and bullet proof glass to your unique specifications.

Waterjet cut edges

Normal wire glass, with exposed wire


Waterjet Design provides 6.4mm commercial grade polished wire glass.

Polished wired glass (diamond and cross mesh) are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. of the US as fire resistance rated glazing material 11G4, after tested in accordance with UL9, UL10B and UL10C. In Japan, it conforms to the fire performance test specified by the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS R 3204) and the Building Code of Japan.